Bird Families

Aleta Aydarti


Fuh. I was even thrown into a fever. There was no sadness ... It seems that Cyrus really decided to use his charm so that I would switch from Shera to him. Well, of course, a potential bride is on the way, and here I, out of the blue, confuse all the cards. I grabbed some paper from the table and started fanning myself. Oh. Maybe faint? Interestingly, will it help? Will they notice at all, or will they burn holes in each other with their eyes? It is necessary to intervene, but how? Heck. I'll have to play these checkers-backgammon, cards were not enough for me. Independently, I walked past them into the bedroom and brought back a backgammon board. She plopped down on the table and waved to Kira invitingly.

- Sit down, Cyrus. Let's play backgammon. There is no need to think too much, in general I am also tired, today was a very long day.

Cyrus came up and sat down at the table, he no longer looked at his son. But Cher was about to leave. Where? Well, stand! I lightly kicked the elf, who had already begun to move to the door on his half, and imperceptibly showed my fist. Why else, leave me here alone for the night looking with my father ?! Crazy, or what?

- Cher, please order us some wine, fruit and something tasty. AND? Only without the cream, I beg you. Well, you know what I love.

Cyrus looked up at my words about the cream. Well, what are we looking at? Yes, yes, a hint to you, the girl does not like cream, next time at meetings do not feed such a poison. And yes, Cher knows what I love. You don't.

And we started playing backgammon. For the first three games, everything went somehow tensely. Cyrus hesitated, Cher was silent with a beech, I toiled from the awkwardness of the situation and from my unhappy reflections. But gradually everyone moved away, and the elves have good wine. The men drank some kind of sweet, and for me they brought a bottle of tart dry, and I relished it a little. By the fourth game, Kir and I had already gone into a rage, he threw dice recklessly and reacted violently to the number of points dropped, I also got a taste.

And then there was a knock at the window. Huh? Where? Out the window? We're on the fourth floor. What kind of climbers have come? We looked at each other, Cher got up and, going to the window, carefully opened one leaf. And something fluttered into the room.

It was a little dragon, but very small, about the size of a large chicken. With large round eyes, a thick belly, short hind legs and neat forelegs like arms, and cute wings like a bat. A ridge ran along the long flexible neck, at the end of the long tail there were thorns, and on the head there were two small horns. And he was all so colorful. That's like a parrot. The scales on the back and sides are bright purple, on the belly - light purple, the wings are orange, the crest and horns are black. And the eyes are the same as mine, bright green, with a red rim around the pupil. In short, an absolutely rastaman dragon.

He flew into the room, with a confident look made a circle around it, plopped down on the back of the chair and looked around us.

- Well, what are you staring at? The creature gave out in a hoarse voice.

- Oh! How lovely! - I died, took a step towards him and raised my hand to touch.

- Well, don't touch it! The creature shouted. - Is that you, eh, the Hearing Keeper? Enlil sent me.

- I, - I agreed obediently. - What for?

- What do you mean - why? You yourself said that you only lack a swearing parrot for complete happiness. So, I'm for him.

- Are you a parrot? - I began to make out laughter. Well, Enlil, well, he made me happy.

- Are you blind, or what? Take off your eyes. Wo gives, and also the Keeper. Where do you see the feathers? - Something spread its wings to the sides and twirled in place, demonstrating the absence of feathers.

- Yeah, that is, you are only a swearing man? - I snorted with laughter.

- Not. - The multi-colored something wilted. - Not mature enough yet. Only on an unrestrained tongue, so they kicked me out of the pack. And Enlil said that you just need someone like me. So here I am.

“Are all dragons like you?” I thought they were big.

- You banged your head, or what? - the multi-colored something was indignant. “I'm a rainbow dragon, a rare endangered species, by the way.Do you like it? He put his hips on his hips and pushed forward a thick belly, on which lay a large pendant hanging from a chain from his neck.

- Wow! You like it. Just watch your tongue, otherwise I wish you had a bite. Well, what is your name, wonderful creature?

- Orek, - the creature introduced itself and modestly shuffled its hind paw.

- Well, what are you Orek? - I smiled. - You are so nice and pot-bellied, just like Nut.

- Yes? - The miracle brightened. But then she frowned. - No, well, you are, Keeper, what are you doing? I'm an adult already, well, almost. What kind of nut am I to you?

- Good good. Orek so Orek, I don’t argue. I chuckled.

- You, Guardian, hear what, Dana gave you something here, take it off your neck. - And the dragon poked his front paw into the pendant with his finger. “They invite you to the wedding with Enlil. So pack your junk and roll off, almost all of the guests are here.

- What are you doing ?! - I cried out joyfully. - Dana is marrying Enlil ?! Oh, how glad I am.

Lord, what happiness! At least someone will marry for love, my great-grandfather is now getting married, and Dana finally waited. Oh, how happy I am for them. And Enlil is found! Divorce! Divorce! If this wedding had not hung over Cher, I would have divorced him right now. And freedom for the parrots, that is, for me. Or maybe, well, him?

- Who is Dana? Who is Enlil? - Two questions immediately followed from Cyrus and Shera, who had previously watched our acquaintance with Orek on the sidelines.

- Dana is my friend, the goddess of the rivers. And Enlil, he, uh-uh, her fiancé, the Lord of the Winds, - I obediently answered, deciding to keep silent about my relationship with God.

- Your friend is the goddess of rivers ?! - Cyrus.

- I will not let you go alone! - Cher.

- In-in, Enlil said that the eared and winged one will not let you go, because the invitation is for husbands too. So collect what you need to take there, take your men and the animal, and let's go faster. The ceremony will take place at dawn. Just take off the transfer amulet, it is heavy, it barely carried it to you. As you are ready, hold a stone in your fist. - Orek again pointed his finger at the pendant.

I obediently took it off the dragon and put it on my neck.

- Cher, get ready, quickly. We are leaving now, - I gave instructions and ran towards Ilmar's rooms.

She flew into Ilmar's bedroom and began to bother the sleeping aerling on the shoulder.

- Ilmar, get up, quickly. Rise! Get ready, we are flying to the Lord. Like lightning, and to me - and ran back to her.

Cyrus sat alone in my living room and watched with bewilderment all this excitement.

- Aleta! - He called me, as I rushed past him towards the bedroom. - Do you want to explain anything to me?

- AND? What? Cyrus, there is no time. We'll be late for the wedding, if I play for time, then all later.

- Alf! Come to me, troglodyte! - I barked into space, because where my furry living creatures were hanging around, I don't know, he always disappeared and appeared on his own, checked that everything was in order, and again evaporated. He immediately appeared out of thin air. - Alf, into the living room, run, wait for us. Do not offend Drakosha.

I quickly left some things in my bag in case I had to change into something warmer there, I myself also changed into my only normal dress - an earthly white sundress, pulled on a denim jacket on top and returned to the living room. I think I will not freeze, it is unlikely that the gods celebrate a wedding where it is cold. Cher was already there, since he was dressed and he only needed to take a weapon and a cloak.

“Hey, Keeper,” said Orek.

- Just call me by name. I'm Aleta, ”I interrupted him.

- Yeah, Aleta. You are ... You are going to the gods, at least give yourself a decent look.

I looked down at my white sundress. I would have had something else to change into something smart. But there is nothing, and there is no wedding present either.

- O demons of the rainbow and gloomy clouds, you fool, open your wings, - Orek blurted out, seeing that I did not understand his remarks about a decent look.

Oh, wings? Well, wings are what I can do. I closed my eyes, concentrated and really wanted to return my airy wings, shining and iridescent. A minute later, a familiar sensation appeared behind my back, and I opened my eyes with a smile to stumble upon the amazed and enthusiastic expression on Cyrus's face.


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Chapter 1

How often our meetings are not accidental.

I ran from work almost skipping, well, as far as possible in the dark along the icy potholes and snow, as the frost and wind drove, and very noticeably. Winter this year stood out early and frosty. It was just the beginning of December, and the temperature dropped well below minus twenty-five. And considering how windy the city has become in recent years due to the chaotic buildings of high-rise buildings, then with piercing winds. And I ran with a brisk mouse from home to bus stop, from stop to subway, from subway to office and in reverse order.

Every year I made a promise to myself to buy a warm, precocious down coat and warm boots without heels, and every year, naive optimism and belief that well, next year there will be no such frosts, and this winter is almost over, won.So it was now: the heels of winter boots were desperately stuck in the snowdrifts and no less desperately slipping on the ice.

I lived in a one-room apartment of my brother, who left with his family to distant lands to work for the prosperity of capitalism and its budget. The house was located in a residential area, it was a long way to get to and from work, but you didn’t have to pay for a rented apartment.

I almost reached the house, all that remained was to cross the road to the entrance. And then an insurmountable obstacle suddenly appeared on my way. There was ice, a solid skating rink, a headwind was blowing. I jogged briskly across the road, but it didn't work. Heels slipped, and the headwind carried me back. Three attempts ended in my unconditional defeat. I took off, skidded with pins on the ice, miraculously maintaining my balance, and I was returned to the starting point.

Well so and so! And funny and stupid! Crawl across the road on all fours. And, as luck would have it, not a single passerby to ask for help. Trampling on the spot, I decided that I would wait, because at least someone should appear from the neighboring houses. Well, at least dog lovers - now is just the right time for an evening walk. Jumping so as not to finally get stuck, I looked around in search of passers-by, preferably men, who could take me in tow and transport me to the entrance, when I saw a cat from the side, on a lawn covered with muddy snow. He lay on his side, his tail and paws spread, and did not move. It was a large, one might say, a huge beast, only terribly thin and dirty. His fur was stuck together with icicles and clogged with snow, and his long tail, which was probably once fluffy, now looked pathetic. There was a feeling that the cat was first soaked, and then suddenly found itself in the cold. It was impossible to identify what color his coat was.

After thinking for a second, I came closer to see if he was alive or not. I am not a cat lady, I never had any animals at home, and even the fish that were presented to me in the second grade turned up safely after a week of life with me, so wonderful. Although I honestly fed them, nursed and cherished them, they got sick with some nasty thing, covered themselves with something disgustingly white and floated up with their bellies up. I didn’t try to have any more animals. And in adulthood, a busy schedule did not allow taking care of a pet in full force. But now it was a pity for this cat. Suddenly alive? It will freeze! Such frost, and he lies right in the snow.

- Kitty, kitty-kitty. How are you? I bent down and tried to examine the cat's face. - Kitty Kitty? Cat?