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Bicolor Hummingbird / Riccordia bicolor


The gene for white spotting (Piebald Spotting) - one of the most common natural mutations - appears in various forms, dealing with the limitation of the color pigment in a particular sample.

The colors of this group are due to the action of the locus S - white spot, represented by a series of multiple alleles. The group is represented by any color or combination of colors with a greater or lesser degree of white.
The color of the colored areas is determined by the combination of genes responsible for the main colors. Only a few variations of mottling are recognized.


Bicolor (Bicolor) - two-tone color, one color - white. Colored spots should be clearly delineated.

The color distribution in the color must be harmonious and correspond to the ideal of the standard. Maximum 2/3 and minimum 1/2 color, the rest is white.

A white spot on the back is desirable. It can be anything from a few splashes of white wool to a palm-sized spot.
Pigmented spots on the nose or black (blue) vibrissae are faults.
Ideally, paws, legs, belly, chest, neck (completely forming a closed "collar"), chin, part of the muzzle (white mark on the muzzle in the form of an inverted "V") remain white.


It is an intermediate color between bicolor and van. The color distribution is approximately as follows: 5/6 white and 1/6 colored spots. On the head, one spot is sufficient, capturing the ear. There are several spots on the back, small spots on the legs are allowed. The tail is colored. Black should be raven black, red should be juicy and warm. Light shades of blue, cream and lilac are preferred. Drawing - similar to other colors.

Van is an almost white cat (90% white). Only the animal's tail and two spots on the head remain painted. The presence of one or two colored spots on the head, between the ears, capturing one of the ears is mandatory, and not more than two or three on the body is permissible.
As a rule, individuals with less than 50 percent white are in most cases heterozygous for Ss. Particolors with slightly more than fifty percent white are homozygous for SS. Very rare, but heterozygous vans occur.
The manifestation of white spot can be varied, from a small white spot to an almost white cat with two to three colored spots. The genetics of inheritance is not well understood. It is impossible to accurately predict the degree of coloration of future kittens in the litters of these animals. Cats with less than 50% white are necessary for breeding, as subsequent generations often show an increasing degree of "whitening".

General requirements for colors with white piebald: the correct ratio of white and colored areas, their harmonious distribution and contrast between them. Symmetry in the distribution of white spots is somewhat less important.

The requirements for the painted areas are the same as for the corresponding color in general. The color of the eyes corresponds to that declared for the corresponding color without white. In colors with a high degree of white, blue eyes may also be observed (in one or both eyes).
Other types of white spot, being the norm in some colors, are unacceptable in others (Persian cat). It is believed that the white tips of the paws in breeds such as Burma and Snow Shu are determined by the recessive allele gl (gloves).

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Riccordia bicolor (Gmelin, JF, 1788)

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The Blue-headed hummingbird (Cyanophaia bicolor) is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family. Source: Wikipedia


Riccordia bicolor

(Gmelin, JF, 1788)

Syst.Nat. p.496

Trochilus bicolor

Avibase ID:

Taxonomic Serial Number:
TSN: 555120

Geographic range:

  • Riccordia bicolor: Lesser Antilles (mountains of Dominica and Martinique)

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