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There are many quests in the world of Genshin Impact for players to complete. One such quest is Will of the Stone, which can be started in Liyue Country. While this quest may seem simple enough, for some players one step can be difficult.

After talking to Grandma Ruoxin in Qingce Village during the quest, players will need to find Chiayi's daughter, Little Liu. Finding Little Liu can be a little tricky for Genshin Impact players, so here's her exact location and how to find her.

Players don't need to travel too far as Little Liu is still in Liyue itself. Although her location is narrowed down to a yellow circle that players can see on their maps, this still leaves a lot of room for her. However, the first step players need to take is to enter this highlighted area, which is the same thing seen in other Genshin Impact quests.

One of the first important landmarks to look out for when looking for Little Liu is a small pile of picked berries near a bush near several Hilihurls. Paimon will comment on how Little Liu most likely picked berries, making it clear that she is close.

The next step is to follow the road north to the stone stairs. Along the way, players will be able to see a location that they can explore to discover footprints, which Paimon will also comment on. Continuing towards the stairs will cause Paimon to announce that Little Liu is being attacked by the Hilihurls in front. Then players will need to defeat a group of monsters, which are Geo Samahurly.

After all the Hilihurls are defeated, players will be able to find Little Liu hiding in the bushes all the way up the stone staircase. She may be difficult to see, but her quest marker should be visible through the bushes. The next step requires players to speak to her in order to officially find her and continue the "Will of the Stone" quest.

Approaching the bushes right off the bat without investigating, players will not be able to find Little Liu. Players will need to both see a bunch of berries and explore the place in its footsteps. If these steps are not taken, the Hilichurls will not appear along with Little Liu.

After Little Liu is found, there are only a few steps left to complete before the quest "The Will of the Stone" is completed. For its completion, players will receive 100 adventure experience, 30,000 pestilence, 7 hero wit and 5 kingsi-stir-fry.

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