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Basic mechanisms of action

antiviral drug "Albuvir":

principles of prevention and treatment of viral infections

It is no secret that today, poultry and livestock farmers understand that disease prevention is the first step towards future prosperity. You know perfectly well that any bIt is always easier to prevent a disease than to cure it!

Viral diseases account for more than 90% of all registered infectious diseases.

The danger of a viral infection is determined by the degree of virulence of the virus and the state of immunity. But today there are very few antiviral agents that have been introduced into production.

Vaccination of poultry with live vaccines does not always lead to the planned results: often the vaccine strains themselves cause complications and the death of a significant percentage of birds. There are a number of factors that prevent a positive vaccination from being administered.

One of the known factors is the lack of an immune response in some birds and animals due to viral immunodeficiencies caused by latent (congenital) viruses. The point is that after birth, a chick inherits from its mother a number of “congenital” viruses that cannot manifest themselves phenotypically. If such chickens are injected with a live weakened virus, or even a vaccine strain, it is possible that we will observe a rather significant mortality of the bird.

Quite often, ignorance of the difference in structure and vital activity between viruses and bacteria leads to several common misconceptions in the correct prescription of drugs, we list some of them:

  1. inirus who causedsdisease, can be purposefully destroyed,
  2. a viral infection can be cured with antibiotics,
  3. there is no cure for a viral infection.

We set the task to create a drug that could block the reproduction of latent viruses, would significantly increase egg production, reduce mortality and improve the quality of the final product.

A drug "Albuvir”Presented by us, combines the advantages of mass use and homogeneous protection of vaccinated poultry.

At the same time, the drug provides exceptional safety, which is extremely important for the health of the bird.

The mechanism of action of the drug is associated with the suppression of the nuclear import of viral polynucleotides capable of self-organization and self-adaptation in the body, that is: “Albuvir”Blocks signal peptides and does not allow imports with a viral genome to penetrate into the cell - replication is suppressed(reproduction)virus.

We would like to draw the attention of specialists to the advisability of using the drug “Albuvir”As a therapeutic and prophylactic antiviral agent, and to summarize the available data concerning the mechanism of its action as a“ drug ”against viruses and a drug with a direct antiviral effect. Under the direct antiviral action of the drug “Albuvir”We understand the direct violation by the drug of one or more of the main phases of the life cycle of viruses: non-specific binding of“ Albuvir ”to virions outside the cell, preventing the sorption of the virus on cells (blocking cellular receptors on the membrane), disrupting the replication and assembly of viral particles inside the cell, preventing the release of virions from cells.

It is important to note that Albuvir has a number of advantages over other drugs. Let's summarize. So,

it is a broad-spectrum antiviral agent,

it is a composition of acidic peptides (oligopeptides from animal protein - ovalbumin), which is rapidly absorbed from the intestine by passive transport and blocks the replication of the virus in the cell already after 30 minutes,

is intended for the prevention and treatment of poultry diseases caused by DNA and RNA viruses (paramyxoviruses, herpes viruses, pestiviruses, vesiculoviruses), for example: among poultry diseases, such known as infectious bursal disease (Gumboro disease), Newcastle, poultry infectious bronchitis and others (see table),

RNA viruses

DNA viruses



acts as a “natural” barrier for the penetration of the virus into the cell, that is, it reduces the occurrence and spread of latent viral infections existing in the bird's body,

has a direct antiviral effect (suppressing the reproduction of viruses of infectious bursal disease (Gumboro disease), infectious bronchitis,

has a virucidal effect (the ability to inactivate viruses, that is, partial or complete loss of a biologically active substance or agent of its activity, a decrease or elimination of activity),

effective at all stages of the viral replication cycle, which depends on the cell nucleus,

effective when taken orally,

drug effectcanobservebXia already 20 minutes after application,

adaptation on the part of the virus and the animal's body is impossible due to the fact that the drug is a living self-organizing system and its composite pharmacophore is unique for each animal and virus,

complete absence of toxicity, teratogenicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, absolute biodegradability (peptides are destroyed to amino acids),

has a relatively low ground clearance (4 hours),

lack of cumulative properties that contribute to improving the quality of animal meat, milk and other products, since the drug is found in meat after 8 hoursimpossible.

We have carried out a number of experiments at poultry farms. The purpose of our experiments was to study the effect of the drug on the egg production of poultry, which spontaneously falls due to viral persistence.

One of our first studies were experiments in the conditions of OOO Staroverovsky Poultry Complex, Kharkiv Region, where a sharp drop in poultry productivity was observed in laying hens of the Lohmann Belyi cross (contamination with several viruses was noted, which significantly reduced poultry productivity).

A 38-week-old bird (experimental group) was given a 10% solution of the drug “Albuvir”At a dose of 0.03 ml / kg of poultry live weight in the morning for 2 days. As a result of primary research, it was found that drug use"Albuvir" increased egg production almost immediatelyafterdrinkersdrug up to 93.8% (almost 17%) against 81% in the control and before drinking the drug, which allows to reduce the mortality of poultry from complications due to the reproduction of weakened live viruses.

For 30 days, the total blood protein was measured by a refractometric method. The total protein content in the blood of laying hens when fed "Albuvir”Increased by an average of 6.5% compared with the control, which indicates an increase in the resistance of the poultry organism.

In the conditions of the poultry farm of Kurgan Broiler LLC, we studied the dynamics of poultry productivity after the start of inclusion “Albuvir”Into the general scheme of preventive and therapeutic measures.

The poultry was divided into 3 groups (experiment and 2 control groups), 26,000 animals each.

"Albuvir" was administered to the experimental group (poultry house No. 22) in 2 stages. The first stage: on the 22-24th day, a 10% solution was introduced “Albuvir“At the rate of 0.03 ml / kg of live weight” was a prophylactic dose.

The second stage: on the 30-35 day, a therapeutic dose of a 10% solution was administered.Albuvir”- 0.06 ml / kg of live weight.

The results were looked at in terms of safety and average daily gain in live weight of chickens.

So, it was found that when using the drug the average daily gain in live weight of one broiler head was more, compared with the control, by 4.5 g (9.1%). The live weight of broilers in the experimental group was at the level of 2.436 kg, and in the control group - 2.105 kg (the difference was 0.301 g or 15.7%). Eventually,we got 301 g more gain in live weight per head of poultry (finished product yield).

It should also be noted that the use of the drug “Albuvir”From an early age in animals excludes microbial (bacterial) contamination (infection) due to the restoration of the animals' immunity affected by latent viruses.

We recommend a general scheme for the use of an antiviral drug “Albuvir”:

the therapeutic dose is 0.06-0.09 ml of a 10% solution per 1 kg of live weight,

- prophylactic dose - 0.03 ml of 10% solution per 1 kg of live weight.

I would like to say, dear business executives, that just the introduction of the drug “Albuvir”In poultry and animal breeding schemes for the purpose of prevention will give you the opportunity to gain significant advantages over competitors, namely:

  1. significantly improve product quality,
  2. reduce the cost per unit of production and get rid of a whole tangle of problems and concerns, as well as
  3. exclude antibiotics (groups of fluoroquinolones and tetracyclines) from the diet, since the rehabilitated immunity of animals will be able to independently cope not only with viral, but also with bacterial infections.

Thus, the use of the drug “Albuvir”For prophylactic and therapeutic purposes in case of viral infections in poultry farming allows:

- to increase the increase in live weight of poultry and agricultural animals,

- to reduce the mortality of young animals and the incidence of viral infections,

increase egg production in a herd of healthy poultry by 5-7% and by 10-20% - in groups where there was a decrease in productivity due to viralsx diseases.

Biological products are your safety and economy!

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based on materials by E. OSTAPENKO,veterinarian

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